Learn about Adult Day Services

Adult day services are provided at adult day centers. At these centers, people with functional and/or cognitive impairments receive services designed to meet their needs, based on an individual plan of care. Participants socialize, eat nutritious meals, and sometimes receive health services. They return home each night.

What are adult day services?

Adult day centers are structured, supportive settings designed to meet participants’ daily health and social needs and to maintain or enhance functional abilities. These centers can be divided into three categories: adult day health services, dementia day care, and social day care. Many centers specialize in providing services to individuals with specific diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or AIDS, or specific developmental disabilities.

Adult day health services meet a variety of participants’ health and rehabilitative needs. Services range from blood pressure monitoring and medication reminders to physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Participants also take part in recreational activities.

Dementia day care specializes in meeting the needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of memory loss or confusion. Frequently, there are more staff available and the pace of activities is slower. The goal is to prevent premature institutionalization by providing a secure environment with specially designed activities and health monitoring.

Social day care is a setting where people who do not need rehabilitative services such as physical or speech therapy participate in activities, socialize with peers, and often receive monitoring services from a nurse. Participants can join group activities or classes, eat freshly prepared meals, or just enjoy friendly conversation with others.

What should I look for in an adult day center?

When selecting an adult day center, ask about what services are provided and who provides them. Visit the center several times and speak with staff or attendants. Before you contact a center, you may wish to print a copy of GetCare’s Adult Day Services Checklist, which provides detailed questions to help you evaluate and compare adult day centers.

How do I pay for adult day services?

Adult day services can be a cost-effective way to receive therapeutic and rehabilitative services and to interact with peers. Costs range from as little as several dollars a day to more than $150 per day, depending on the services offered and geographic region. Some long term care insurance policies cover adult day services, but recipients usually pay for adult day services themselves.

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Contact your local State office if you have questions or would like to talk with someone in person about your situation. Guam GetCare staff are available to help you.

Adult Day Services Checklist.

Use this checklist to evaluate and compare adult day services.