Learn about Renal Dialysis Centers

Renal dialysis centers are facilities where individuals with kidney disease or those awaiting a kidney transplant receive assistance from equipment which performs the necessary kidney functions.

What is a renal dialysis center?

Individuals receiving renal dialysis are either waiting for a suitable donor kidney or cannot receive a kidney donation at this time. Dialysis machines perform kidney functions for patients on a frequent, often daily, basis. These facilities are supervised by physicians and staffed by registered nurses and certified technicians. They operate on an outpatient basis. Renal dialysis centers are often located in or near a hospital, but some are separate outpatient facilities.

End-stage renal dialysis centers provide a higher level of care for individuals who need substantial assistance with kidney functioning. The number of renal dialysis centers in the United States grew significantly after the federal government began providing financial assistance to cover renal dialysis services for all age groups.

How do I pay for renal dialysis?

All major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, cover this service.

Contact your local State office if you have questions or would like to talk with someone in person about your situation. Guam GetCare staff are available to help you.