Learn About Medicaid Waiver Programs

The Federal Government allows States to apply for waiver programs in order to provide services not usually covered by Medicaid. Waiver programs typically have a limited time period in which to prove their effectiveness, but time limits are often extended for programs that prove valuable.

What are Medicaid Waivers Programs?

Waiver programs are opportunities for states to test innovative ways to provide and pay for home and community-based services. States can implement new service programs that were not previously covered under Medicaid. The programs are monitored in order to measure whether they are effective in serving consumers and do not cost more than traditional Medicaid services.

An example of a waiver program is the use of Medicaid to pay for in-home care services. The purpose of this waiver program is to keep consumers out of long-term care institutions by providing the same care in the home at the same or less cost.

How do I pay for Medicaid Waiver Programs?

Waiver programs, by definition, are funded by Medicaid dollars. In some instances, eligibility is expanded to include those who would otherwise not be eligible for Medicaid.

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